DePaul Global Game Jam Popular Vote Winner 2018

“Human Touch” is a two-player stealth game created for the DePaul Global Game Jam in 2019. In “Human Touch”, one player is stuck behind enemy lines and another player must guide them to safety using only light. There are mines on the ground that only the player in the sky can spot. The player in the sky must guide the soldier on the ground to safety. 

Co-op games have always been one of my favorite genres. For this game jam, I really wanted to challenge myself to finally make a online co-op game. I spent the majority of the weekend learning how to use Unity’s networking system in C#. This was the first time I had ever tried to do any type of network programming and it was definitely a challenge. A few mechanics ended up getting cut because I couldn’t implement them in time but overall I’m really proud with how the game turned out. “Human Touch” isn’t one of my favorite projects, but since I learned so much while creating it I consider it a creative success.