Legends is a screenplay about medieval fantasy heroes who have aged well past their prime. My parameters for writing this script were to write a fantasy drama with a mid-level budget. The film’s protagonist is Mirren, a retired mage who once helped overthrow a tyrant King. Her life now consists of taking care of her bedridden husband Richard, who was once the prophesied hero of the world, and her granddaughter Reed. The story begins when the King’s spoiled son Ashton shows up demanding supplies for a new war.

The story has themes of aging, generational shifts, and the powerful bond of family. Mirren used to be a a great mage but as years past she has lost her power. The stories main journey follows Mirren as she learns to cope with her loss and let her son and granddaughter become the leaders of the family. Many of the characters are based off of stereotypical fantasy characters and who they would become fifty years after they saved the world.

I believe the best writing comes from wanting to tell personal stories. Legends was inspired by the last year of my Grandparent’s life. Both from the bravery of my Grandmother and the bravery of my mother as she accepted the role of family caretaker.



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This scene follows the inciting incident. The antaganist requests a conversation with Mirren's bedridden husband Richard. The scene introduces Richard.


This Scene takes place right after the point of no return. Mirren discusses the antagonist with a friend and then tries to solve the problem.


This scene takes place just before the final confrontation with the antagonist. Mirren is told a story of one of her heroic acts that she has long forgotten.